August 24, 2014

Room on the Broom

Forget the old ,wicked witches from Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Welcome the friendly, kind hearted witch from Room on the Broom.
One day, while the good natured witch and her cat are flying through the night they are hit by gusty winds. The scatty witch keeps losing most of her possessions -her hat, bow and wand.  She meets various animals - a dog, a parrot and a frog who help her find her lost things. In return, they ask for a spot on her broomstick which she willingly agrees to give.
However, the broom soon breaks under the weight of its passengers and disaster strikes !!The witch is at the risk of becoming dinner for a fire spitting dragon....
This fun picture book is a great 'Read Aloud!' for the little ones. It has  rhythm and repetition. The Early Readers ( 4 to 7 years)  will enjoy reading it too.The clever use of words, help add new words and their usage to their growing vocabulary.
It's excellent for a group reading activity as well. Each member can pretend to be one of the characters and modulate his voice and add expression while he reads his part. Expect lots of croaks and woofs and purrs.... :)
Interesting use of words to describe the characters and situations makes the story very engaging. My favorite part is
The colorful and vibrant illustration captures the attention of the audience right from the start.
Through this fun story the children learn to appreciate the importance of friendship and sticking together in time of need. They sense if you treat others well, others will treat you well too.
Room on the Broom is one of Julia Donaldson's best sellers. She is one of UK's most popular children's author. Some of her award winning works are GruffaloRunning on the cracks novel for teenagers, the Princess Mirror-Belle stories and The Giants and the Joneses.
 Gruffalo and Stick Man are some of his other award winning works.Axel is the illustrator of Royal Mail’s official Christmas stamps 2012 too.              
Alex Scheffler's  amazing illustrations have won worldwide acclaim. 
Visit  for more. It is packed with activities for kids, apps, DVD and 'Room on the Broom' merchandise.
Whoosh !!!  Go ahead and enjoy the magical journey........
Board book, easy to hold and carry for children, Glossy pages.
Available in Amazon and Flipkart.                                                                                                                                       

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